Commute Challenge 2018

Do you live in Kirkland and own something that could help with this month’s commute challenge? If so then email me at Details below.

Bruce Dawson in wet suit with commute methods, copyright 2018 425 Business MagazineLast April I gave myself the challenge of commuting to work using a different method every workday for a month – twenty ways in twenty days! The write up and video are here. It was great fun and it also served as a joyous celebration of the many ways to make commuting more fun than sitting alone in traffic.

This September I’m doing the same thing, with nineteen new methods, starting September 4th. I’m going to update this post as the month goes on with progress reports. And I’m hoping to get other people to join in for some variant of the commute challenge. There are two variants I want people to consider:

The basic variant is just to not drive alone in your car to work for as much of the month as possible. Take the bus, ride your bike, carpool, or try some other practical option. Keep track of how you’re doing and let me know – tweet at me and use the hashtag #commutechallenge.

The creative variant – the less practical variant – is to maximize the number of methods used. I live close to work, near a lake, have a flexible schedule, and have no problem looking foolish. This means that I have lots of options. Last year I walked 1.25 miles on stilts and also swam to work. This year I’m planning to try an electric skateboard, mountain unicycle through the woods, ride Metro Transit, use a standup paddle board, and some other options that I’m still working on.

I’ll post daily updates here – pictures and videos – as the month progresses. If you send me pictures or links to videos of your #commutechallenge activites then I’ll post some of my favorites.

The #commutechallenge video playlist is available here (or at and here’s a calendar that links to all of the videos:

Labor day - no commutePaddle board, day 1, September 4thE-bike, day 2, September 5thPedal board, day 3, September 6thVictoria Clipper, day 4, September 7th
Seaplane, day 5, September 10thCarpool, day 6, September 11thBus, day 7, September 12thTelecommute, day 8, September 13thOffroad unicycle, day 9, September 14th
Electric skateboard, day 10, September 17th, 2018Paragliding, day 11, September 18th

And, if you live near Kirkland, WA and have some interesting commute options that you could lend me for a day, please contact me. I’m interested in:

  • Roller skis with size 12 boots
  • Size 12 roller skates
  • Giant pogo stick
  • Drift skates
  • A jetski ride to work
  • Horse (I do know how to ride)
  • Other ideas that somehow manage the perfect balance between practical, whimsical, fun, and not-too-deadly

Hey, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Here’s the video from April 2017:

Commute challenge: the video


This post can be found through


About brucedawson

I'm a programmer, working for Google, focusing on optimization and reliability. Nothing's more fun than making code run 10x faster. Unless it's eliminating large numbers of bugs. I also unicycle. And play (ice) hockey. And sled hockey. And juggle. And worry about whether this blog should have been called randomutf-8.
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5 Responses to Commute Challenge 2018

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  2. Sijmen says:

    Cool project, good luck!

  3. dynastycuts says:

    You’re seriously considering taking a bus? Scary!

    Some more ideas:
    One of those transparent inflatable balls you get inside
    Side Car
    Dog Sled
    Crawl on all fours

    • Russ says:

      BTW, that last post was made from an alternate WordPress account by mistake. That was me, Russ.

    • brucedawson says:

      Uber and cab are only allowed (by my rules) if I carpool – I am protesting single-occupancy car commuting. I did scooter last year and I plan to do an electric scooter this year, as well as motorcycle. Side-car, inflatable ball, dog sled, helicopter, jet pack, tricycle, and horseback are all great ideas but come with some logistical challenges. Do you have any ideas on how to make any of them actually happen? I am a decent horse rider, I just need one I can borrow…

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