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Windows Timer Resolution: The Great Rule Change

The behavior of the Windows scheduler changed significantly in Windows 10 2004 (aka, the April 2020 version of Windows), in a way that will break a few applications, and there appears to have been no announcement, and the documentation has … Continue reading

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We Need a Carbon Tax, Now, That Goes Up Over Time

If we tax fossil fuels – making them more expensive – then the awesome power and creativity of the free market will create diverse alternatives and efficiencies with minimal additional government intervention.  We will ultimately save money, be healthier, and … Continue reading

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Commute Challenge 2018

I’ll bet I had more fun commuting during September 2018 than you did. In April 2017 I gave myself the challenge of commuting to work using a different method every workday for a month – twenty ways in twenty days! … Continue reading

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Commute Challenge 2017

Commute Challenge 2018 happened in September 2018 with videos being posted at The 2018 commute challenge may be even better than the original – certainly the production values are far higher, and there was much better media coverage. I … Continue reading

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Poorly Designed LED Lamps Waste Power

I just purchased a new reading lamp for my beside table. Mostly I wanted one that would let me direct the light better, but I was pleased to get a model that used LEDs. 6 W of power is a … Continue reading

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