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Then and Now–Performance Improvements

In a recent post I made an offhand comment that in one fractal calculation scenario my new laptop is about 37,500 times faster than my old Amiga 1000. I suspected that in other fractal calculation scenarios the improvement is much … Continue reading

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Faster Fractals Through Better Scheduling

Performance improvements can come from many directions including better algorithms or micro-optimized inner loops. In this case I got a worthwhile speedup by working better with the Windows thread scheduler.

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Faster Fractals Through Algebra

I’ve been working on Fractal eXtreme on-and-off for years, and an important (and fun) part of working on it is optimizing the calculation of the Mandelbrot set, especially the high-precision math routines that allow deep-zooming. After working on this over … Continue reading

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x64 Instructions for Four Times Faster Math

Users sometimes assume that 64-bit computers (typically running x64 CPUs) will naturally run faster than 32-bit computers (typically running x86 CPUs). They often guess that they will run twice as fast. After all, 64 is twice as big as 32. … Continue reading

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