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11 mm in 1.25 nanoseconds

In 2004 I was working for Microsoft in the Xbox group, and a new console was being created. I got a copy of the detailed descriptions of the Xbox 360 CPU and I read it through multiple times and suddenly … Continue reading

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What Would Jesus’s Resume Say?

Some years ago I saw a set of resumes created by not-yet-graduated university students. They were all three to four pages long. This is too long, and I said to my daughter “Even Jesus Christ’s resume fits on one page”. … Continue reading

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Vestibular Dysfunction, or, How I Went Half Deaf

Two weeks ago I had a severe inner-ear episode, presumed to be an infection. One moment I was 100% healthy and then, ten minutes later, I was deaf in one ear, with severe vertigo. The word ‘vertigo’ doesn’t quite capture … Continue reading

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A modest proposal for a more natural KB

I recently wrote a blog post saying that I thought Windows Explorer should use the more natural base-10 meanings of the kB/MB/GB/TB prefixes, instead of the base-2 meanings that are a few percent larger. I convinced nobody. I was told, … Continue reading

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Cars in Canada Get Better Mileage than in the US

Cars in Canada really do get more miles to the gallon. Well, “did”, technically, since Canada now uses liters/100 km for fuel efficiency. The reason why has nothing to do with climate or driving habits and has everything to do … Continue reading

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Jetpacks and flying cars

For the last n+1 years the geek literati have been waiting for two things: jetpacks, and flying cars. Flying cars are still an impractical dream, but jetpacks are here. However, nobody seems to care. Video is linked below.

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