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What We Talk About When We Talk About Performance

TL;DR – the phrase “90% faster” is interpreted by people in two different ways: 90% less time The speed (ops/sec or km/h) is 90% greater I strongly prefer #2 but due to the ambiguity this phrase should never be used. … Continue reading

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Out of Order Benefits

A few months ago I wrote about some experiments to see how fast modern CPUs are at doing high-precision math such as is used in cryptography and high-precision fractal calculations. I recently read an article that claimed that out-of-order processors … Continue reading

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Fractal eXtreme, now cheaper

As an experiment Fractal eXtreme is now just $9.95. The latest version has a few bug fixes and performance improvements, is a free update to all existing users, and is cheap like borscht.

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Jetpacks and flying cars

For the last n+1 years the geek literati have been waiting for two things: jetpacks, and flying cars. Flying cars are still an impractical dream, but jetpacks are here. However, nobody seems to care. Video is linked below.

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Myth: Mythbusters Can Do Math

Busted! Once again, the Mythbusters have shown that they are careless with basic mathematics. They have shown that they can’t reliably calculate percentages, which makes me worry about all of other math that they do. They described dimpled golf balls … Continue reading

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Fractal and Crypto Performance

There was some recent interest in what type of computer would run Fractal eXtreme’s deep zoom calculations fastest (and cheapest) so I wrote a benchmarking tool that isolates the inner calculations for more accurate measurements and arranged to have it … Continue reading

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Population Estimation Through Murder Statistics

For reasons that I no longer remember I found myself looking at the murder rate page on Wikipedia. Looking at some of the patterns in a few of the safer countries I realized that I could estimate their populations based … Continue reading

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They sure look equal…

This is a special bonus extra post in my floating-point series, ranting about an issue that has been a problem for years. Some debuggers don’t display floats with enough precision.

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Tricks With the Floating-Point Format

Years ago I wrote an article about how to do epsilon floating-point comparisons by using integer comparisons. That article has been quite popular (it is frequently cited, and the code samples have been used by a number of companies) and … Continue reading

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Faster Fractals Again

I was calculating a long fractal zoom movie with Fractal eXtreme when I noticed that one of the phases seemed to be taking too long on my four-core eight-thread processor. A bit of investigation showed that this phase was effectively … Continue reading

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