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Windows Timer Resolution: The Great Rule Change

The behavior of the Windows scheduler changed significantly in Windows 10 2004 (aka, the April 2020 version of Windows), in a way that will break a few applications, and there appears to have been no announcement, and the documentation has … Continue reading

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ARM and Lock-Free Programming

I was inspired by the release of Apple’s M1 ARM processor to tweet about the perils of lock-free programming which led to some robust discussion. The discussion went pretty well given the inanity of trying to discuss something as complicated … Continue reading

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Hey Synaptics, Can You Please Stop Polling!

TL;DR – be wary of buying a Lenovo laptop or any other laptop that uses a Synaptics touch pad until Synaptics ships a fixed driver. Their driver has a memory leak and they have a battery-life bug that causes Windows … Continue reading

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DNA-Free Dining Made Easy

Recent studies have confirmed that more than 80% of Americans support labeling of foods containing DNA. And why not? DNA is genetic material. DNA is used for reproduction, so eating another animal’s DNA is uncomfortably close to bestiality. Plant DNA … Continue reading

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Exercise Regimen for a 94 Year Old

My grandfather is 94 years old. He is sound of mind and body and that is probably because he gets more exercise than most people in their twenties. He spends about forty five minutes each morning doing these exercises – … Continue reading

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Warm Weather Snowmen

Two years ago I was at a neighborhood party, drinking a lovely drink, but my mind was not on the eggnog. I was thinking about the neighborhood contest for the best Christmas decorations. It was going to be judged the … Continue reading

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I now have a twitter account, for those times when 141 characters is too much of a commitment. I anticipate greater sarcasm and more frequent posting, but similar topics. You can follow me at BruceDawson0xB, where I explain the peculiar … Continue reading

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For the Wages of Blogging is…


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Hello world

This blog is intended to contain a random selection of posts ranging from technical (C++, optimization, floating-point, etc.) to whimsical (unicycling adventures, Pikmin achievements, calculating PI with pen and paper). It is meant to replace my previous repository of random … Continue reading

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