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Commute Challenge 2017

Commute Challenge 2018 happened in September 2018 with videos being posted at tinyurl.com/commutechallenge2018. The 2018 commute challenge may be even better than the original – certainly the production values are far higher, and there was much better media coverage. I … Continue reading

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Seattle to Portland on a Unicycle

This was originally written in the summer of 2005. I’m reposting it here to get all my writing in one place. For more information on long-distance and high-speed unicycling go to the unicycle section of my blog, available here. The … Continue reading

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Riding Faster on One Wheel: Geared Unicycles

Traditionally there have been just two ways to increase your speed on a unicycle: you could get a bigger wheel, or you could pedal faster. Now there is a third option.

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