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Making Windows Slower Part 1: File Access

Windows has long had a reputation for slow file operations and slow process creation. Have you ever wanted to make these operations even slower? This weeks’ blog post covers a technique you can use to make all file operations on … Continue reading

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Compiler bug? Linker bug? Windows Kernel bug.

Flaky failures are the worst. In this particular investigation, which spanned twenty months, we suspected hardware failure, compiler bugs, linker bugs, and other possibilities. Jumping too quickly to blaming hardware or build tools is a classic mistake, but in this … Continue reading

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Thread Naming in Windows: Time for Something Better

Windows lets you give names to the threads in your process which can then be displayed by debuggers. This is a great idea, but the implementation is showing its age – it’s time for some fixes, or something better. Update, … Continue reading

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timeGetTime versus GetTickCount

I have a confession to make – I only just found out the difference between the Windows functions GetTickCount and timeGetTime. I know what you’re thinking – I’m a game developer and I should know better than that. But I … Continue reading

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Sleep Variation Investigated

I recently saw a blog post covering how Sleep(n) works on various Windows operating systems and it showed slight variations in sleep times, between and within operating systems. The unanswered questions were: Why does the sleep time vary between operating … Continue reading

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