Xperf Resources

As promised in my xperf talk at Gamefest 2011, here are links to all of the resources I mentioned. However these are mostly obsolete now. See Xperf Basics: Recording a Trace (the ultimate easy way) for more up-to-date information. But here are those old resources:

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I'm a programmer, working for Google, focusing on optimization and reliability. Nothing's more fun than making code run 10x as fast. Unless it's eliminating large numbers of bugs. I also unicycle. And play (ice) hockey. And sled hockey. And juggle. And worry about whether this blog should have been called randomutf-8. 2010s in review tells more: https://twitter.com/BruceDawson0xB/status/1212101533015298048
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2 Responses to Xperf Resources

  1. Kevin Gadd says:

    The ‘last year’s talk’ link is broken.

  2. brucedawson says:

    Thanks Kevin. Pretty much all of the links were broken, apparently due to a bug in Windows Live Writer and due to my lack of post-posting testing. All fixed now.

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