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Finding Windows HANDLE leaks, in Chromium and others

Three years ago I found a 32 GB memory leak caused by CcmExec.exe failing to close process handles. That bug is fixed, but ever since then I have had the handles column in  Windows Task Manager enabled, just in case … Continue reading

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The Easy Ones – Three Bugs Hiding in the Open

I write a lot about investigations into tricky bugs – CPU defects, kernel bugs, transient 4-GB memory allocations – but most bugs are not that esoteric. Sometimes tracking down a bug is as simple as paying attention to server dashboards, … Continue reading

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GDI leaks and the importance of luck

In May 2019 I was asked to look at a potentially serious Chrome bug. I initially misdiagnosed it as unimportant, thus wasting two valuable weeks, and when I rejoined the investigation it was the number one browser-process crash in Chrome’s … Continue reading

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Bugs I Got Other Companies to Fix in 2013

Over the course of a year I fix a lot of bugs – that’s part of my job. But I’m not going to write about that. Instead I want to write about bugs that I found in other companies’ code, … Continue reading

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How to Report a VC++ Code-Gen Bug

My coworkers recently found a bug in the x64 code generated by Visual C++. This bug exists in VC++ 2010 to VC++ 2013 RC. We put in a workaround (the traditional one of disabling optimizations for the afflicted function) and … Continue reading

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The New WPA Xperf Trace Viewer–New Bugs and Old

Every Windows performance expert should be using xperf traces. My preferred viewer for xperf traces is WPA – Windows Performance Analyzer. However the Windows 8 version of this tool has a few bugs in its display of custom ETW events. … Continue reading

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Other Causes of Alt+Tab Problems

Now that I have an easy way to find and fix problems with Alt+Tab it becomes easier to identify culprits. Whenever Alt+Tab misbehaves – whenever the grid of programs goes behind the current Aero Peek window – I run AltTabFixOnce.exe … Continue reading

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Alt+Tab Bug Worsened by IE 10, But Fix Found

Windows 7 has an annoying bug that causes alt+tab to malfunction for many people. This bug, previously discussed on this blog in Alt+Tab Depth Inversion Bug, causes the grid of programs to be partially or completely hidden, making it much … Continue reading

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Top Eight Entertaining Blog Facts for 2012

The end of the year is a traditional time for lists and I thought I’d do a post just to summarize the most interesting or surprising things that I discovered while writing this blog during 2012.

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iTunes, Fixed

A few weeks ago I wrote a post complaining that iTunes can’t keep track of what songs are on your PC, or Macintosh. Well, the good news is that enough other people have hit this problem that there are scripts … Continue reading

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