Zune EULA Window Size Fail

Windows Update just asked me to install version 4.8 of the Zune software. Okay, fine. Then this license agreement came up:


If I ran the world then any license agreement that was in such a ridiculously small window, and had no way to be copied to the clipboard for easier reading in Notepad, would be unenforceable. Windows 7 requires a minimum resolution of 1024×768. In the screen shot below I’ve shown what the Zune license agreement looks like on such a screen. It is my considered opinion that there is room to make the license agreement window slightly larger:


I’m not running at 1024×768, so on my screen the license agreement looks even more ridiculous.


Hey Microsoft, and anybody else who presents users with license agreements. Don’t do tiny windows. If you want us to take your EULAs seriously, then make it possible for us to read them, and make it possible to copy them to the clipboard so that we can archive them. And no, the option to print the license agreement doesn’t count.

Making license agreement windows larger, or even making them sizeable, is absolutely trivial. There is no excuse.

The text also flashes when you scroll. I can’t read this license agreement. I will not comment on whether I’m going to install the software anyway.

Maybe if the Zune license agreement was easier to read then the Zune testers would have caught this error in the text:


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2 Responses to Zune EULA Window Size Fail

  1. Well said. Hate the porthole EULA.

  2. But isn’t the point that they only want you to accept the EULA? They would care less about you reading it.

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