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Heap Snapshots–Tracing All Heap Allocations

I’ve recently started using heap snapshots on Windows to track heap allocations. I was able to use heap snapshots to record call stacks for all outstanding allocations in Chrome’s browser process over a full two weeks, letting me account for … Continue reading

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ETW Heap Tracing–Every Allocation Recorded

Event Tracing for Windows (ETW, aka xperf) is usually used to monitor CPU usage, through its sampling profiler and its ability to record detailed information about context switches. Well, ETW is also used to monitor file I/O, and disk I/O, … Continue reading

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50 Bytes of Code That Took 4 GB to Compile

While doing evil things with macros and the inline assembler (trying to run a weird test whose purpose is not really relevant) I managed to write a program that caused Visual Studio’s C++ compiler to allocate 4 GB of memory … Continue reading

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