The New Xperf is Here!

phonebooksA new version of xperf/WPT (Windows Performance Toolkit) is now available. It’s actually been available for a few months, but I wasn’t paying attention. This version comes in the Windows 8 Software Development Kit. It has some subtle and some significant improvements, and it looks like all xperf users should upgrade.

This post is obsolete. There have been a few versions of WPT since this was written. You can always get the latest version by getting UIforETW, described here.

The good news is that existing batch files and trace analysis techniques still work. The better news is that there are new graphs, a new analysis tool (wpa.exe), a UI for recording traces (wprui.exe), and other nice features.

I’ve updated my Xperf Basics: Recording a Trace post to explain how to get it, and my most recent xperf post (Xperf Wait Analysis-Finding Idle Time) uses one of the new summary tables.

Go get it now!

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5 Responses to The New Xperf is Here!

  1. brucedawson says:

    Another new version came out a few weeks after I posted this. Get it. There are some important bug fixes in wpa.exe, and probably a bunch of other stuff.

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