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Xperf for Excess CPU Consumption: WPA edition

Last year I wrote an article about how to use xperf to analyze a CPU bound program, using the xperfview UI. Since then the WPA UI has come out and replaced xperfview. This updated version of the article explains how … Continue reading

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Summarizing Xperf CPU Usage with Flame Graphs

Xperf is a powerful (and free) Windows profiler that provides amazing insights into what is constraining the performance of Windows programs. Xperf includes a sampling profiler and a very capable viewer of the sampled call stacks (see below for UIforETW … Continue reading

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The Lost Xperf Documentation–CPU sampling

Xperf (Windows Performance Toolkit, also known as ETW) is a powerful tool for investigating performance issues, however it is a challenging tool to use. Some of this difficulty comes from intrinsic complexity – in order to fully investigate thread scheduling … Continue reading

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Xperf for Excess CPU Consumption

When an application is slow you can, in my experience, generally categorize the problem as CPU bound or CPU idle. Either the CPU is spending an annoyingly long time on computing some result, or the CPU is idle, waiting on … Continue reading

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